My 2nd Surgery

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

" Do or Die "

With the name of Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

I'm still breathing and for that thank you Allah, alhamdulillahi 'ala kulli hal, still can smile, awesome :D

Having the 2nd surgery, not too bad but more bad than the 1st one. The blood just flow out like a river. Owkep, That's over actually. 
But the blood seriously just flow out like it does not want to stop.

I thought my platelets count was low as the blood clot took much time than it should be, and lastly to make me stop looked at it, I went to bed, hopefully it stop, and yes it stop but when it face the air, the blood just flow again, I'm wonder what's wrong with my blood content actually.

Guess what the next morning?

Blood clot outside.

It's hurt.

Just leave to Allah, may He heal it as I do my best already.

However the blood look so nice, so red. Kind a fun looking it flow non stop, haha.

Hurm, but no matter what, gotta buy this stuff for better surgery, I just use my bare hand without the gloves, the virus could just be transfer to another hand, not too good but I can't take it too much, in Egypt hard to find one, just hope I cautiously played well with the blood transfer.

Just look at my hand, always look at it, hard to meet the physician in this condition so I take decision to do the surgery myself, small surgery :)

Gotta save this hand if I want to be a surgeon, hopefully I can be one in the future.

When I got the disease, Allah taught me to be grateful to Him, yes, now I'm really do realize that. With my condition, no problem to eat, to write or to anything else, but to be a surgeon, I need a very good fingers and hand, please be healthy :')

Surgeon to be insyaAllah, Ya Allah I give the rest of the best to You.

And for my hand, be the best okay, please be healthy and recover before I get the degree cause I'm hoping surgeon to be.

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